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Benefits Of A Wipe Clean Tablecloth Vs A Traditional Tablecloth

Benefits of a Wipe Clean Tablecloth vs a Traditional Tablecloth

Utilising a tablecloth has been common for many years but in the past few decades, and wipe clean tablecloths have gained popularity. While both wipe clean and the cotton tablecloth both can be used there are positives and negatives to either.

In this article, we will review both of them.

Wipe clean tablecloths are commonly used in households across the country as it is simple, efficient and not needed to be kept afterward. They come with a wipeable surface which makes it easy to wipe away any accidents on the table. The ability to wipe off dirt straight away makes for faster cleaning as it is not needed to be washed and reused like a standard cotton cloth. The ease of use and popularity the wipeable pvc tablecloth have made them common in homes and businesses.

While these benefits are large there are some negatives of opting for a wipe clean tablecloth.

First and foremost the cost. They are more expensive to buy than cotton tablecloths. There is a longer manufacturer process which will always increase the sale cost. The downside is that they are not very easy to recycle because of the plastic of the wipe clean material.

Cotton tablecloths have been used for many years before wipe clean tablecloths were around. Cotton cloths can be purchased for relatively little cost and can be used and rewashed numerous times before needing to be replaced – making it great value for money.

While costs and being reusable are benefits to cotton cloths there are some downsides…

Cotton tablecloths can be problematic to clean when they get dirty. In some instances, accidents can lead to stains which can not be removed at all. If an accident does occur, you’ll end up spending time and money on cleaning products trying to get it clean again – this is especially true if you have messy children!

While both options clean both have their pros and cons, they both have their uses and you should consider carefully what you’ll be using the table for before deciding what fabric to choose.

If you live in a house with kids which is going to guarantee accidents, you’ll want to consider the wipeable tablecloth, as it will save you time and money in the long run. If you are in an environment these accidents are less frequent, then the cost advantage of the cotton tablecloth will be more attractive to you.