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Few Tips For Heating A Greenhouse During Winter

Few tips for heating a greenhouse during winter

It is imperative to protect the tender plants and other products in the greenhouse from the frost of winter. Here are a few tips you can avail, without incurring any additional costs, to get the job done.

Insulate using bubble wrap

Insulating your tender plants by merely covering pots with bubble wrap is a compelling idea considering bubble wrap is ideal for insulation and provides passage of light effectively. Before insulating the window with bubble wrap, ensure to clean the window first, to maximize light passage. Moreover, wrapping pots with such wrap protect it from cracks and breakage during cold temperatures.

Consider investing in a greenhouse heating system

Undoubtedly one of the safest and most effective methods of heating the greenhouse during winter weather conditions is through electric heating. Unlike its counterparts, such as paraffin and propane systems, the latter ceases to release any additional amounts of moisture in the air. Another somewhat effective system is fan heaters as it maintains heat effectively in the structure as well.

Use a thermostat

You can save plenty of energy and money by merely setting the electric heater to function only when the temperature in the structure as displayed in its built thermostat falls below the ideal level of warmth.

Use a thermometer

If you lack an automated functioning thermometer based heater, you can consider investing in a functioning thermometer as well, which depicts accurate readings. Tend to adjust the climate within the greenhouse regularly according to the readings taken.

Determine the right temperature

It is essential you maintain the right amount of heat within the structure facilitating effect growth, maintaining warmth and avoiding extreme temperature. Merely, setting the right temperature can help you avoid unnecessary expenses, save money while maximizing efficiency. The ideal temperature will depend on factors such as plants growing inside; however, the perfect temperature is anywhere from 3-10 degree Celsius or 37-50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Position the heaters accordingly

It is recommended to place the electric heaters in the dead center of the structure, allowing warm air to spread evenly throughout and above the plants, to maximize efficiency.

Only heat the area you require

You can maximize cost and energy saving as well as the efficiency by merely heating only the needed portions or plants within the greenhouse. Instead of heating the entire greenhouse for the sake of one plant, alternatively, you can partition the plant using bubble wrap and accordingly heat those plants.

Avail horticulture fleece

Experts often recommend using horticulture fleece to cover the tender plants and protect them from the increasingly cold temperatures at night. Such horticulture fleece provides them with several layers of protection and maintains warmth, without needing to turn on the electric heating. However, it is crucial you remove such layer from the plants during the daytime to allow the plant sufficient light and ventilation.